A Smarter Home?

My husband will not be satisfied until our WHOLE house can be controlled by voice commands. His latest smart home addition is the Eccobee Smart Thermostat.

I have to admit, I am kind of intrigued by it too.

  • It is easy to install (according to my husband who did it within a few hours for three thermostats without too much complaining lol)
  • You can use Amazon Alexa to control our version of it. (the EccoBee 4 actually includes an Alexa in the unit so you can literally just talk to your thermostat and adjust temperature, ask for news, weather etc)
  • You can control it from your phone, and apple watch from anywhere. ( imagine being cold in bed, without getting up simply say, “Siri, set my bedroom thermostat to 70 Degrees” and viola! Toasty warm)

It has a sleek look and a touch screen that is very easy to navigate and control, and just looks much more modern than the old style thermostats. Additionally, you can include room sensors which will monitor different parts of the room and adjust the temperature if there are hot or cold spots.

ecco 3

They claim you can save 23% on your heating costs from the units because its a smart unit that adjusts with the outdoor temperature changes too. They provide energy reports to give you give you insights on how much you’ve saved based on run times.


An eccobee is an inexpensive way to add a cool factor to your home. When thinking of upgrades that can add value to a potential buyer anything Smart Home or Energy Efficient is usually high on the list of what is desired, especially to a millennial buyer.

Because seriously, who wants to have to touch their thermostat anymore when you can just TELL it to do something #firstworldproblems. Now if Alexa would just learn to take down my Christmas tree on command we would be in good shape!

For other information see this website –


and some reviews…


ecco main screen




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