House Hunters, Newtown – Stay Calm and House Hunt on!

The way house hunting looks on TV is certainty not how house hunting looks in reality.

TV House Hunting:


Go out see three houses choose one, buy it, live happily ever after?!


The Reality?


I have clients who look for YEARS at TONS of houses before finding the one.

I can count on ONE hand how many people bought one of the first three houses they saw. And that’s OK!!! Finding your dream home takes patience and perseverance. If you are like me and really ENJOY looking at houses, this is great news! But on the flip side if this is a chore for you and not enjoyable, this can seem overwhelming. That’s where your local real estate professional, yours truly ;), can help you out. I take pride in getting to know my clients wish list, and can recommend homes based on the list to help weed out homes that would not hit the mark for you and save you some time and aggravation. After all, it’s my job to know the current market!

Different times of the year present different house hunting challenges and opportunities. Looking for a house in the Fall? You may face low inventory and lack of choices …on the flip side you may get a motivated seller and get a steal. Looking for a house in the Spring, there is more to choose from BUT you may face competition and multiple offer situations and elevated prices as a result (ugg big bummer for buyer, but great opportunity for seller!)

Bottom line, get out and see houses…lots of them. (in person, WITH ME <wink wink> because photos can be deceiving) My husband and I looked on and off for two years until we found our house, but when we saw it, we knew it was the one, and that’s how you SHOULD feel. By seeing what is out there you can fine-tune your MUST HAVE vs. LIKE TO HAVE list and be confident in the house you ultimately select.

A final thought…

I took clients out to see three houses the other day, all very different and all had pros and cons. If they were on House Hunters Newtown, which do you think they would have chosen? Decisions, decisions!

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