Home Staging Tips

Buyers are out in force right now. This is something that is happening all over the county. Here in Connecticut we are seeing a rise in buyer activity that hasn’t been seen in recent years. As we get into the Spring Market, which is when most people decide to list their home, it is really important to make sure your house stands out to these buyers among all the other homes. The best way to accomplish this is by making sure your house is market ready. While your house can be listed in just a few days once you sign with a Realtor, I always recommend that my clients contact me 2 months prior to wanting to list so that they can take full advantage of the time and services I provide to get the home market ready. 90% of buyers find their house online these days – make sure your house looks its best in pictures!

I did a seminar with one of our team stagers at Brookfield Library about staging a home for sale. These tips were so well received by the audience, so I thought I would share them with you. The goal is to get your house market ready for free/cheap.

Tip #1 Kitchen Decluttering. Lets be honest, when did you last use the huge stand mixer or the indoor grill that is taking up real estate in your cabinets? Pack these big kitchen appliances away and free up some space in the cabinets. When you have a showing or an open house you can quickly remove the appliances/sponges/soap you DO use from your counters and put them in the cabinets, leaving your counters clear and open.


“Before” and “After” of a Decluttered Kitchen. (Also important to note – PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS are a MUST!)

Tip #2 Exterior. A buyers first impression of your home will stick with them. I can not tell you how many times people get turned off because the siding is dirty or the landscaping is dreadful. Spend the money, power wash your house, repair any obviously damaged trim and put out some nice potted plants. 


Don’t leave buyers wondering, “what else has not been maintained”? 

Tip #3 Keep Buyers Focused on the Bones of Your Home. Buyers are nosy and get distracted easily. Too many personal photos, too many books, too much furniture – all take away from what the buyer will actually be BUYING! Do you have beautiful hardwood? Pull up your area rugs to show them off. If you have an office, make sure the shelves are sparse and organized, especially if they are built ins!  


I have seen buyers read the titles of books on bookshelves! Keep them focused, remove the clutter!

Tip #4 Paint Colors. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to transform and space and make it more current. Today’s buyer will be looking for a fresh, clean pallet. If your hallway is a deep red, paint it! I have a few go-to colors that I always recommend, but I also have a fantastic stager on my team who will offer a free color consultation!


Benjamin Moore – “Moonshine” is a timeless, crisp, clean color that can work in ANY room! (more of a blue/gray undertone)


For a more “Greige” color, Sherwin Williams “Agreeable Gray” is another of my favorites!

The goal is not to take away ALL the decor to make your house feel cold, but to take away enough to allow the buyer to see the beauty of your HOME, not your STUFF. Our team stager can take any space and transform it with your current furniture and decor.

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