Adventures in Real Estate with Lauren Auresto, Coldwell Banker- Mortgage Tips (Video)

Applying for a mortgage can seem a little overwhelming, so I sat down with Steve Greenberg, VP of Mortgage Banking at Newtown Savings Bank to get his take on what NOT to do when applying for a mortgage.

A few things to learn from this short video…

  1. Do not apply for any new credit cards, or make big purchases when trying to buy a home.
  2. You can get a pre approval very quickly and easily. This is a good first step when looking to buy a home so you know your realistic budget. Once you have your credit score run by a BANK, you can then go shop the rates at other banks, but DO NOT have them run your credit again.
  3. I need to work on my camera skills or perhaps invest in a selfie stick!
  4. Do not creep around in the hallway at Newtown Savings Bank like I did, it looks super sketchy.
  5. When holding the camera and greeting someone do not kiss them on the cheek…as you will see, it looks funny! LOL

A mortgage lender makes up 1/3 of your Real Estate team. (a Realtor and an attorney being the other 2/3rds) It is so important that these three people are in constant communication from day one. If you already have a Realtor, ask them for some recommendations on lenders and attorneys. A Realtor will have experience to know who is the best to work with and who gets things done without a hitch!


So, in summary….wait to buy that car until AFTER closing 🙂


Thanks for reading and sharing, in case you wanted Steve’s contact information, it is below!

Steve Greenberg
VP-Mortgage Banker
Newtown Savings Bank
30 Main Street-Danbury CT 06810

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