Amazon Fresh? Yes, Yes, Yes!

So this isn’t exactly “house” or “real estate” related, but its something I was curious about myself, so I figured I would share my experience ordering from Amazon Fresh. Before ordering Fresh, I would go to the grocery like 3 times a week and always forget items, it was a PAIN. Also, since my schedule with Real Estate is so crazy, the only time I could go to the grocery was when I was with my kids. Needless to say, our cart was then full of “lunchables” and fruit snacks and whatever else they got their hands on in order to bribe them to behave! Enough was enough, and I decided to research other peoples’ experiences with Amazon Fresh. It seemed that depending on where you live, people had very different experiences ranging from “excellent” to “awful”!

I decided to take the plunge and order. My first order was small. Just a few pantry items and organic apples and pears and some lettuce and salad items to check out the quality. I was skeptical. I was able to pick a day and time of delivery. I ordered on a Thursday, and first available day and time was Sunday 7-10AM porch drop off. On Sunday, at 8AM my first delivery arrived. (VIA a Post Office Van for some reason?!)


Amazon Fresh Delivery #1 On time!

I was pleasantly surprised! The items were packed carefully in a insulated bag with ice packs and packaging to keep it safe. The note on top says to leave these bags out with the next delivery and the driver will take them away. How easy is that?! My order was complete and very good quality, almost. They substituted cauliflower for lettuce. Hmmmmm, how can I make SALAD with cauliflower?! I wrote a quick email to Amazon expressing my concern, and was quickly given a $10 credit (more than the price of the lettuce). This was great, but, I was still left without lettuce – which meant a trip to the dreaded grocery store for some lettuce, lunchables and whatever other deplorable, sugary treat my kids threw a fit over!


Items were packaged carefully and fruits and vegetables were fresh and really good!

So I ordered again the following week, same delivery time (you are suppose to be able to get next day delivery, but I guess that’s not available near me because its usually two days at least.) And the old bags were taken away and new items left. I got more adventurous this time and ordered chicken (for the hubs) and some more vegetables, all were excellent, as if I had picked them out myself. AND, I didn’t have to go to the grocery that week! It was amazing!

I am NOT a planner and I rarely know what is for dinner before I look in the pantry at 5PM…. but I have been meal planning for two weeks now because of Amazon, and only ordering what I have on my list. Let me tell you, not only are we spending less, but also I am not stressed at dinner time because I know I have all the items I need, because they were delivered to my door. Literally a game changer!! All in all, the $15 delivery fee and maybe paying a little more for some items is TOTALLY worth it for my sanity! I do NOT miss pushing my screaming, crying kids through the grocery store trying to play defense as they throw Lucky Charms and Oreos in the cart.

All in all, I am a big fan of Amazon Fresh!

Additional Tip- We have Amazon Echo, so when I’m running low on something I can ask “Alexa” to add it to my shopping list and then when I log on to order from Fresh, my list comes up to remind me what I need – that is AMAZINGLY helpful!


“Alexa, add strawberries to my shopping list”

Pro’s – Easy, good quality items, saves a trip to the grocery

Con’s – $15/ month is charged for unlimited amount of deliveries, next day delivery was not available, Amazon will take liberty to “swap” out items that they don’t have available. Finally- I am high maintenance with my dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegetarian) and Amazon does not yet have many of the items I would want, but they have enough options for me to get by!

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