Flipping Newtown Episode 1



“Before” Exterior Photo 


“Before” Living Room


“Before” Bathroom


“Before” Kitchen

As a realtor, I LOVE houses and home renovations. There is nothing better than watching HGTV episodes of “Flip or Flop” or getting my “Fixer Upper” on with Joanna and Chip Gaines! These shows hit close to home, because its my every day experience as a realtor! So I figured it may be interesting to keep track of my own experiences as a Realtor as I work with clients and investors to make run-down homes happy again! For this first featured home, I worked months with my investor client Patrick Walker from the HomeWiz (Amazing contractor, who I will tell you about later) to close on this house in Newtown. It was a short sale, so the process took about twice as long as a normal home purchase (6 Months) and was a little more complicated, but luckily we had a good team working on this, and everything went pretty smoothly overall!! With a short sale, its SO important to have good communication between realtors, attorneys, lenders and clients, its really the only way to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. If you are looking to purchase a home through a short sale, be sure to choose your representation wisely! Purchasing a short sale can take a long time and sometimes feels like you are taking one step forward and three steps back  but can be totally worth it if you have the time and patience. In this instance the home had been on the market for quite a while, the price had dropped significantly and we were able to get it for a good price. Patrick was not able to do the typical inspections one would normally do when purchasing a home because there was no water (pipes likely are frozen) and the mechanicals would not run (no idea why!), therefore, stay tuned to see what happens as demo starts and the pipes unfreeze! EEKKKK! I will be back with an update shortly!


One thought on “Flipping Newtown Episode 1

  1. Lauren this is such a great idea! I cant wait to see the transformation.
    I will be sure to check back regularly for updates.
    All the best!


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